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Reconnect your team on a gratitude hike

Reconnect Your Team On A Gratitude Hike


This is a mindful hiking experience so we'll incorporate gratitude to remind you of the good in your life.


We'll be unplugged, free from the distractions of our phones.


We’ll be outside in nature which has shown to lower stress as well as make us more creative, productive and happier.

Team Building

Do you feel like there is a lack of gratitude in your workplace? Is your team disconnected and disengaged? Are your employees suffering from burnout?

The answer to these questions is most likely yes. Get your team members out of their normal surroundings and onto a hiking trail where they can take in the scenery, clear their minds, and make new connections with coworkers.


We'll give your team a unique experience that will make each person feel appreciated and have a long-lasting impact. We will work with you to customize an experience that matches your needs, budget and desires, while integrating mindfulness, fun, adventure, gratitude and camaraderie.

Why Unplugging? And What Are The Benefits Of Being Outside?

There are lots of benefits to unplugging and getting your team away from their normal environment and outside in nature, while showing them your appreciation, including:

  • Increased happiness amongst team members

  • People that want to stay with your organization longer

  • A boost in creativity, problem solving and communication

  • An overall performance boost for your company

  • An overall cost savings for your organization

Gratitude Hikes

Plan a Gratitude Hike for your organization.

Interested in scheduling a Gratitude Hike with your organization? Please click here to fill out the form

Team Building Hikes

Hi, I'm Scott Colby your Gratitude Hiking Guide. Here are 10 fun facts about me.

Scott Colby of Gratitude Hikes
  1. I wrote and published a book called the Grateful Entrepreneur.

  2. I named my cats after the soccer player, Mia Hamm, and the baseball player, Nomar Garciaparra.

  3. I’ve been to Guatemala twice to build schools out of plastic bottles.

  4. I’ve ziplined through the jungles of Costa Rica.

  5. I’ve been on television demonstrating exercises with a pumpkin and watermelon.

  6. I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in the Sierra Mountains for 4 days.

  7. I worked at a children’s hospital with kids with cerebral palsy and I have several research articles published in scientific journals.

  8. I used to have a podcast called The Power to Change and I currently produce a daily audio called The Daily Gratitude Minute.

  9. I’ve hiked to the top of three 14,000 foot mountains in Colorado.

  10. Growing up, I played the trumpet.

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