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Prevent burnout with team building hikes

Reconnect Your Team And Prevent Burnout Outdoors In Nature

We Offer Team Building Hikes With A Focus On Gratitude


79% of people quit their job because they didn’t feel appreciated at work.


61% of employees are lonely and underperforming with 7 out of 10 disengaged.

corporate gratitude hike

Let Us Help You Create A More Connected, Healthier Team With Our Team Building Gratitude Hikes

Many companies, maybe even yours, have a crisis on their hands. Employees are burnt out, and are quitting their jobs to find better alternatives.


I won’t bore you with a bunch of statistics because you probably already know that many companies have problems. You certainly know if YOUR company has a problem.


But let me set the stage for a minute - On the heels of a global pandemic, the workforce is now in the midst of a burnout epidemic, with 77% of people saying they’ve experienced workplace burnout.

Gratitude Hike

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Teams Are Disconnected And Good People Are Leaving

In addition, most employees (61%) are lonely and underperforming. 7 out of 10 U.S. workers are disengaged. We’re not connecting with anyone at work and there is a lack of friendships in the workplace.

One last thing - people don’t feel appreciated in the workplace either. There is a lack of gratitude. In fact, 79% of workers surveyed reported that they left their last job in part because they didn’t feel appreciated at work.

All of this leads to employees that are chronically stressed, emotionally exhausted and who don’t feel valued. They can’t wait to find a better job.

Team resting after a hike.
Hiking Map

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"I highly recommend this hike. Scott was wonderful and the sights were amazing. He accommodated our elderly and out of shape group beautifully. Scott is a gifted and kind guide and I can still see the rushing water in my minds eye."


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